Some Like It Hot Gift Box

Spice House Hot Seasonings Assortment Gift Box

We've remade this gift box to include some of our newest and most popular HOT spices.

Some Like It Hot Gift Box...Given the title of this gift box, little further explanation is required! Great for all those hot heads in your life. The packing material in your box can be used for cooking as well: Korintje Indonesian cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg from Grenada, and Turkish select bay leaves. A colorful descriptive brochure is included.

The four spices included in this set are:

HOT CHILI POWDER-We start with the full, rich flavor of our regular chili powder and then turn up the heat with cayenne pepper and hot crushed red peppers. It works great as a dry rub for baked ribs.

VULCAN'S FIRE SALT-As the name implies, Vulcan's Fire Salt is designed to be a HOT salt. Everyone knows what they expect out of a hot salt. A wonderful tongue burn, maybe a little eye watering! What you may not expect is the rich depth of flavor that this blend offers. This spice combination has influences from Caribbean and eastern Central American recipes, though it doesn't fall into any ethnic or regional tradition. Hence, it can be used on any meat, vegetable or fish. We LOVE it on popcorn. Great eye opening in both your Sunday morning eggs and Bloody Marys. Sprinkle on pizza. Make a variation of your normal garlic bread by using fresh rubbed garlic and this salt instead of garlic salt.

Just use it any time you want to add some flavor and some heat. It is so all purpose, that we envision it as a table condiment, right next to your salt shaker and pepper mill.

VERY HOT CAJUN SEASONING-This blend takes you over the edge and straight into the fire, yet delivers a solid full-bodied flavor. Great on any grilled meat or for use in blackening.

BLACK AND RED SPICE-In its own subtle way, this may be one of the best all-purpose seasonings we carry. This is a salt-free blend of freshly ground Tellicherry black pepper and hot cayenne red pepper. It's a very simple, fast way to add zip to any food. Just sprinkle some on and feel you mouth begin to water. It acts as a natural flavor enhancer, bringing flavors to the surface.

  • Four Jar Gift Box
  • $26.82