Vanilla Extract

Madagascar "Bourbon Islands" Pure Double-Strength Vanilla Extract

Madagascar "Bourbon Islands" Pure Double-Strength Vanilla Extract

Double strength Madagascan Vanilla Extract is made from 200 beans per gallon, as opposed to the single strength vanilla extract, which is made from 100 beans per gallon. Like all our vanilla extracts, the flavor of the beans is extracted using a slow, cold process to maximize the depth and intensity of flavor.

This vanilla extract is known as a bakers twofold vanilla, which means you need only use half of what the recipes calls for. This is good when making white cake or frosting, where you would want as little color change as possible. Most of our customers who buy this love vanilla flavor and use as much as they would of single strength for a stronger vanilla taste.

We add a small vanilla bean to all of our bottles of extract, so that your vanilla will grow (as we all do) finer with age! When you have used up your vanilla, take the leftover vanilla bean, cut it open into ½ inch pieces, and add it to your sugar, powdered sugar or coffee canister. The more vanilla beans you add, the more vanilla flavor you will get!

Ingredients: Water, ethyl alcohol (35%), sugar, vanilla bean extractives

Pure Extract
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