Vanilla Paste

Madagascar "Bourbon Islands" Vanilla Bean Paste

Categories: Baking Spices, Vanilla

Vanilla bean paste is a convenient, easy-to-use replacement for whole vanilla beans. Whole vanilla beans will dry out and become hard to use over time, while this vanilla bean paste will last indefinitely.

Since you can see the vanilla bean seeds, it adds a gourmet appearance, in addition to delicious flavor. Add this paste to homemade ice creams, custards, creme brulee, cakes, icings, etc. One tablespoon of vanilla bean paste is equal to one whole vanilla bean. Each four ounce jar contains 8 tablespoons of paste. Vanilla beans cost around $3 each (you do the math!).

Ingredients: sugar, water, pure vanilla extract, vanilla beans, gum acacia, xanthan gum.

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