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Eastern European Recipes

Eastern European cuisine features many takes on stews as well as some delicious ways to prepare pork. Here, we have gathered some of our favorite Eastern European recipes for you to try. These crowd-pleasing dishes are unique and delicious!

Traditional Hungarian Gulyásleves (Gulyás Soup)

Traditional Hungarian Gulyásleves (Gulyás Soup)

This is an authentic (un-Americanized) family recipe for Hungarian gulyásleves (pronounced GOOL-yash LEV-esh), or goulash soup. If you order gulyásleves in a restaurant in Hungary, this is what you’ll get.
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Sauerkraut Soup – Kapusniak

Sauerkraut Soup – Kapusniak

My family originated in Poland and settled in Milwaukee, and this is a family recipe for a hearty Polish soup. Although I now live in Nashville Tennessee, I make this...
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My grandmother, known as Ama, died last year, but I remember her through her wonderful recipes. Cabbage and beet soup is a traditional recipe of Jews hailing from Eastern Europe....
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Serbian Pork Dinner

Serbian Pork Dinner

I recieved this recipe from one of my daughters students. He is from Serbia and said his mother made this for him when he was growing up. It is one...
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Polish Sausage, Cabbage and Potatoes

Polish Sausage, Cabbage, and Potatoes (Bigos)

When I was a small child my family (African-American) lived next door to a Polish family. We lived in Detroit, Michigan--about 5 minutes from Hamtramck where you could get the...
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Bavarian Pot Roast

Bavarian Pot Roast

This recipe comes to us courtesy of the Spice of Life Cookbook by Treva Davis (no longer in print).
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