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The Spice House
Baker's Deluxe Collection
Baker's Deluxe Collection
Baker's Deluxe Collection
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Baker's Deluxe Collection

Whether it is a blue ribbon at the county fair you seek or merely the grin of a child with an insatiable sweet tooth, any baker knows that spices—the best kind in the right combination—are what set them above the rest. This deluxe set combines the four foundational items from our Baker's Collection and piles on Dutched cocoa, ginger nibs, ground cloves, and cocoa nib. Bakeoff barons and brownie beginners alike will immediately notice the flavor difference by adding these premium spices to their favorite recipes.

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The Spice House

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Baker's Deluxe Collection

Baker's Deluxe Collection

Gift Box, Kitchen Starter Collection

Kitchen Starter Collection

Gift Box, Curry Collection

Curry Collection

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