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Carrot Cumin Soup

Carrot Cumin Soup
This carrot and cumin soup recipe, based on a traditional Middle Eastern soup, has become a favorite with everyone who tastes it. It's also unbelievably healthy (almost no fat) and easy (few ingredients). The finished soup has a wonderful creamy texture, especially considering there is no cream or cheese in it.

Submitted by: Eisa from Des Moines, Iowa
Yield: 6 servings


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Preparation Instructions:

  1. Clean, peel and cut all vegetables into chunks so they will cook quickly.

  2. Heat oil in large pot. Saute carrots,onions and potato for about 5 minutes to heighten flavors. Add stock (or water plus bouillon). Cook over medium heat until vegetables are well cooked.

  3. Using an immersible blender, blend until quite smooth. (This may also be done by putting vegetables into a free-standing blender.)

  4. Add cumin, salt and freshly-ground pepper. Adjust seasonings to taste. If soup is too thick, additional water may be added.

  5. For low-sodium soup, use salt-free chicken stock.


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Customer Reviews

Spice House

Hi Vid,

You can make a vegetarian version of this soup by using a vegetable soup stock base instead of a chicken stock.

Let us know how your soup turns out!


Hi! This looks so wholesome. How can I make a vegetarian version? Do I just add water and skip the boullion cubes?


Henry Keegan

What a wonderful recipe!

Sharon Z

So quick and easy, and really delicious :) This definitely will become one of my staple soup recipes. The addition of the potato really gives it a creamy texture. I’ve made carrot soup before and it wasn’t this creamy without the addition of milk or cream. Since I had parsnips on hand, I also added one to the soup (at the same time as the carrots). I also made “Spicy Ground Meat With Baharat” (recipe available on this site). and served it on top of Basmati rice. I really enjoyed the combo of the 2 recipes together. If I was cooking for someone who dislikes cumin, I would substitute Herbs de Provence, or some type of general herb blend, for an Herbed Carrot Soup.

Alison C

I added 1/2 tablespoon ground cumin and 1 tablespoon cumin seeds along with the vegetables and fried them all together. I also added a little harissa at the end to give it a slight kick. No complaints from anyone! But I think I could have added a little more cumin at or near the end

karen a

I didn’t have cumin. I substituted 1 rounded teaspoon of coriander, 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, 2 tablespoon honey, salt and pepper to taste. I followed the recipe otherwise. It was delicious! I want to make it again and make it the way the recipe stated. This is definitely a keeper.

robert W

I have a similar recipe that I made last night and it’s unbelievable good. However, I use my homemade chicken soup, add a cut up red potato which thickens it a bit, and add chopped fresh ginger and a little cinnamon. Put that with some whole grain bread….GREAT

Eric D

This soup is fast and easy to prepare and quite delicious!

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