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Eggs Curtiss

Yield: 4


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Preparation Instructions:

Separate the whites and yolks of hardboiled eggs. Crumble the yolks into a small bowl and set aside. Cut the egg whites into small pieces (¼ to ½ an inch) and set aside. Toast the English muffins. Place muffins on four plates. Place two to three slices of ham on the muffins. Mix flour and seasoning together in sauce pan. Add olive oil with flour mixture. Blend in milk into the flour mixture a little at a time to make a smooth sauce. Over medium to high heat, cook the sauce until it is thick. Add egg whites to the sauce. Ladle sauce onto the muffins. Sprinkle egg yolks on the muffins. Salt and pepper to taste.

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Customer Reviews

Kathleen R

This is just old fashioned “Goldenrod Eggs,” which my grandmother used to make. It is delicious—without ham or English muffins, with plain toast, but the ham would be a good addition. So would very crisp bacon. I make it often.

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