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Herb Cheese Canapés

Herb Cheese Canapés
This cheese spread is delicious as a simple spread for crackers, but making this into canapés is an easy way to look fancy at a dinner party.


Preparation Instructions:

Whip together cream cheese, butter, herbs, and pepper.

Spread herb cheese on toasted bread and finish with toppings of choice. Some good topping ideas are tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, smoked salmon, olives, roasted peppers, apples, pears, or hardboiled eggs.

More About This Recipe

Cheese canapes are perfect for dinner parties appetizers and your dinner guests won't be able to get enough of this canapes recipe. Our Fines Herbs blend is a classic mix of chives, chervil, parsley, and terragon that will give this canape the feeling of being in the French countryside.

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