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French Style Thyme

Thyme is a relative of mint and oregano, which explains its bright, warm, woody, pungency. Its tiny leaves are a major component of classic spice mixes like za'atar and bouquet garni. It is among the world s oldest culinary herbs. Our French Select version has a softer leaf and sweeter flavor than our standard Mediterranean one. Also available in Mediterranean ThymeOrganically Sourced Mediterranean Thyme, or Lemon Thyme.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


French thyme has a softer and fresher taste than Mediterranean thyme, but can still hold its own in hearty dishes. Thyme is particularly great added to stews, soups, clam chowder, fish, hearty sauces, gumbos, stuffing, chicken, pork, and many vegetable dishes. Thyme is also one of the essential ingredients in Bouquet Garni, an herb blend made to put in stews and stock. Ingredients: Thyme. 


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