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Lemon Thyme, Organically Sourced

Lemony, bright, and pungent, this thyme varietal is a favorite in salads, summer dishes, and even teas. Tempting as it is to use it to substitute in any recipe that calls for thyme, do so only when both thyme and citrus are called for. Lemon Thyme is excellent, for instance, on a simple roast chicken. Also available in Mediterranean Thyme, Ground Mediterranean Thyme, French Thyme, or Organically Sourced Thyme.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Lemon thyme is excellent on whitefish, shelllfish, and is a great addition when making your own garlic butter. For the hot summers, brew this thyme when making your iced teas to add an extra herbal and citrus flavor that is absolutely refreshing. Ingredients: Lemon thyme.



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