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Fostering Youth Food Education with Pilot Light

Fostering Youth Food Education with Pilot Light

The Spice House has always strived to make a positive impact for our customers and their surrounding communities. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Pilot Light. 


Co-founded in 2010 by four renowned chefs: Paul Kahan, Matthias Merges, Justin Large, and Jason Hammel, Pilot Light is a Chicago-based nonprofit that connects chefs with teachers to create food-based classroom lessons. Pilot Light’s goal is to support children with the knowledge and attitude to have a healthy relationship with food. For students without access to fresh, affordable, and well-prepared food, making healthy choices is a challenge. This is especially true in Chicago where childhood obesity rates are nearly twice the national average.

The Spice House and Pilot Light are two like-minded organizations collaborating to bring food education to every child in every school. In accordance with academic standards and the Pilot Light Food Education Standards, Pilot Light partners such as The Spice House co-develop classroom lessons incorporating food and nutrition education into subjects like science, math, and social studies. The Spice House will develop a curriculum featuring spices and their transformative ability to create delicious flavors for healthy foods. At The Spice House, spices are more than just ingredients; they’re windows into global cultures and storied traditions.

Pilot Light has had a profound impact on its students. After completing the Pilot Light curriculum, 93% of kids better understand how food choices can impact their health, 78% of kids feel like they could make healthier choices in their school lunch room, and 89% of kids can confidently ask parents how healthy their food was.

Our owners have already committed over $25,000 to help support Pilot Light’s cause. As part of our $25,000 commitment, The Spice House is the lead sponsor of Pilot Light’s annual Feed Your Mind Gala. To help promote this charity event, Pilot Light’s founder Justin Large featured The Spice House and our fresh spices to make a flavorful Middle Eastern Cashew Cacao Dukkah on WGN’s Lunchbreak. You can view the recipe and segment by clicking on the link below.


The Spice House invites you to help support Pilot Light’s mission with us. Click on the link below to visit Pilot Light’s website and make a direct donation.




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