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French Bistro Style Smash-Burgers

French Bistro Style Smash-Burgers
The French style burger is perfect for a chilly night, or any night for that matter. Why a smash burger? The meat forms a crispy crust while the interior remains tender and juicy. And, the burger cooks quickly, VERY QUICKLY! The Spice House Back of the Yards Butcher’s Rub forms a delicious, flavorful crust that takes any burger from good to outstanding.

Yield: Serves 4


Preparation Instructions:

Preheat cast iron skillet or flat top griddle to medium-high heat.

Place meat on a cutting board and lightly chop ground meat in all directions (this helps break up any clumps in the meat). Add shallots and The Spice House Back of the Yards Butcher’s Rub.

Form the meat into 4 loosely packed patties.

Place 2 patties in very hot preheated pan or on griddle. Smash the patty as flat as you can and allow to cook, without peeking. Using the spatula or scraper, flip the patties and cook another 45 seconds. Transfer to toasted buns and continue cooking remaining burgers.



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