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Sassy Sweet Potatoes

Sassy Sweet Potatoes
My culinary partner in cuisine and I concocted this as an improvement on a recipe we heard about and now we are hooked... A healthy alternative to those candied yams with the marshmallows...Our families eat them a minimum of twice a week. They go with everything. Inexpensive and great for you, vitamin packed, fiber rich, low-glycemic...Power Food with a PUNCH! I take them to all the block parties and they vanish into thin air.

Submitted by: AJ Edwards & from Raleigh, NC
Yield: Depends on number of potatoes


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Preparation Instructions:

Wash and cut the raw sweet potatoes into approximately 2 inch cubes. Soak in cold, salty water for about 5-10 minutes to draw some moisture out. Drain and pat off excess moisture.

Toss in Olive Oil to coat. Spread on a large cookie sheet. Sprinkle liberally with spice mixture.

Bake for about 50 minutes at 350-400 degrees, until somewhat crispy. After about 20 minutes toss potatoes with spatula and return to oven. Potatoes will be pretty brown.


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Customer Reviews

Cynthia T

Good recipe – with changes! Great spice flavor on sweet potatoes, but the second time I made it, I used about 1/4 the amount of spice. I also tossed the sweet potato chunks with olive oil, and then sprinkled the spice mixture and tossed again. This method kept a lot more of the spice on the potatoes and less on the bottom of the pan.

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