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Moroccan Orange Salad

This is a deliciously simple salad, inspired by the old Medina marketplace in Fez, Morocco. You can easily customize your own version with different garnishes and toppings. See hints for...
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Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Thomas Jefferson was the first American to popularize vanilla ice cream in the United States. He fell in love with the dish (and the spice) after a visit to France....
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Old Fashioned Cheesecake

Deliciously simple cheesecake that can be a canvas for your creativity. Try topping this with crumbles of your favorite candy bar, or make it fancy with a sweet berry puree....
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Spiced Candied Pecans

Saigon Cinnamon’s strong, sweet flavor pairs well with buttery pecans. The hint of cayenne in this recipe is just enough to warm the palate. Most people won’t notice it’s there...
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Garam Masala Brownies

This recipe was actually a happy accident by one of our spice merchants. One night, Buster was making brownies and he accidentally reached for Garam Masala instead of Cocoa. Thus...
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Blueberry Vanilla Sugar Cookies

This recipe is reprinted from the blog at I'm not going to lie, as soon as Winter hits I turn on hibernation-mode and bake the house down. I have...
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Cinnamon-Citrus Biscotti

The spices in this recipe can be changed to meet your own tastes. Sometimes and ginger and chrystalized ginger with toasted almonds are used.
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Apple-Ginger Scones

Soft inside, with a crisp outside. The sweet apples deliciously juxtaposed the spicy bits of spicy candied ginger. Recipe courtesy of La Matriz Bakery. Visit our blog to learn more....
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Garam Masala Poached Pears

Poached pears are a great seasonal dish, there’s something about them that makes people think you really know what you’re doing—especially if you refer to them as Poire à la...
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Cardamom Saffron Ice Cream

This recipe comes from one of the best spice books we've ever found, Jill Norman's Herbs & Spices: The Cook's Reference. Along with the beautiful photos and useful information, she...
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Vanilla Bean Syrup

Vanilla syrup. A must-have ingredient for Don the Beachcomber's Nui Nui cocktail. See below for that cocktail recipe.
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Duck Fat Roasted Walnuts

You can also use the Spice House blend of Maple Sugar and Cinnamon Ceylon ground or just with Ceylon Cinnamon.
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Anne's Apple Butter

A delicious spread for toast or potato pancakes.
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Hibiscus Infused Tea Cookies

To make hibiscus sugar, grind the dried hibiscus leaves in a coffee bean grinder. Strain through a sifter, and add sugar according to the desired taste.
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Orange Blossom Sugar Cookies

Note that this calls for both Orange EXTRACT AND Orange FLOWER WATER.
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