Gift Box, Butcher's Rubs

The Butcher's Rubs Gift Box contains seasonings great for grilling and slow-roasting any cut of meat. These hearty rubs will bring out the best flavors for roasting chicken or thick cuts of beef, lamb, or pork.


If your happy childhood memories are anything like ours, you remember the special Sunday dinners slowly roasting in the oven. The delicious aromas wafting from the oven would have mouths watering way before the meal was even close to being done. The ideal seasonings for this slower method of roasting are a little coarser, since they will be releasing their flavors over a longer period of time.

These seasonings are just the ones you want for that great holiday roast, when you are trying to make the very best, to share with those you love. We also use these blends a great deal for grilling, if you mix them into a marinade with oil and vinegar before rubbing on meat, the liquid also serves to release the flavors in these blends. The packing material in your box can be used for cooking as well: Korintje Indonesian cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg from Grenada, and Turkish select bay leaves.

The following hand blended seasonings are included in your box:


This blend is possibly our best selling blend. It is a very easy, but very versatile blend made of a nice mixture of colorful, flavorful, coarse cut spices. It is named in honor of the hard working immigrants who made their living by working very hard for very little pay in the meatpacking industry. This area was called back of the yards in Chicago. Garlic pepper goes well on any type of meat, we keep a jar right in the grill basket. Try on steak, hamburgers, pork chop or ribs, pike or perch any type of poultry. Great for robust vegetables, eggs or to pepper up a bland salad dressing. Hand mixed from: Tellicherry pepper, garlic, Kosher flake salt, sugar, red bell peppers, shallots, parsley.


This is our best blend for steaks. Marinade steaks in red wine, season heavily with Quebec for at least 20 minutes. When you throw the steaks on the grill, take remaining liquid heat with a little butter, shallots and a teaspoon of Beeftea (or 1 bullion cube) and you will have the best au jus to compliment your steak. Also goes well on pork or hamburgers. Hand mixed from: coarse salt, cracked Tellicherry pepper, sugar, minced garlic, white pepper, cracked coriander.


Our best blend for poultry. This is the blend the Penzey family always uses on our holiday turkey. Great also on Cornish hen, duck, baked chicken, pork of any sort, eggs. The turmeric in this blend gives the poultry skin the most beautiful golden color, your dinner guests will think you are a professional chef. Hand mixed from: flake salt, cracked Tellicherry pepper, sugar, minced orange peel, coriander, turmeric.


This blend is just loaded with flavors favored in Bavarian style cooking, mainly mustard, sage and rosemary. This salt free blend is wonderful on roast turkey or pork, Cornish hen. It makes a traditional English rack or leg of lamb. Great for slow roasting ribs, use about 1-2 tsp. per pound of meat. Hand mixed from: Bavarian style crushed brown mustard, French rosemary, garlic, Dalmation sage, French thyme and bay leaves.

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