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The Spice House was born in Wisconsin, so it’s no surprise that we love cheese. Our premium cheese powders are made from real cheese. Dehydrated cheeses have a deliciously rich flavor and extra smooth texture—perfect for adding to sauces and dips or shaking onto veggies or popcorn. Our selection of cheese-forward seasonings craft delicious vegetables, garlic bread, and roasted potatoes.

Bridgeport Potato Seasoning

Bridgeport Potato Seasoning is one of our best blends for baked potatoes and potato salad. It is...

Cheddar Cheese Powder

This Cheddar Cheese Powder is the key ingredient to baked-at-home cheese crackers. When we go to the...

Romano Cheese Powder

Few gestures are more Italian than sprinkling cheese on pasta. Romano cheese is made by rummaging...

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Seasoning

Thick as your wrist and loaded with gooey goodness, Chicago's deep-dish pizza pie has been the...

Taylor Street Garlic & Herb Seasoning

Garlic bread is a staple at trattorias everywhere, from San Francisco's North Beach to New York s...