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Unexpected Uses for Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot chocolate mix in a mug

Cooking routines change with the seasons, but chocolate cravings are year round. Our hot cocoa mixes craft unparalleled drinking chocolate, but make for surprising secret ingredients too. A tablespoon of hot cocoa mix works magic when sprinkled over morning oatmeal, folded into homemade cake frosting, or whisked into your favorite pancake batter recipe. We pulled together some of our favorite ways to cook with our hot cocoa mix. If you have your own favorite use for hot cocoa mix, email us at, or comment below.

Hot Cocoa Popcorn

hot cocoa popcorn

Popcorn Recipe

Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milkshake

hot cocoa milkshake


Hot Cocoa Ice Pops

hot cocoa ice pops





Deborah Swanson on March 4th, 2021

All your hot cocoa recipes look yummy. I’m sure to try.

Sydney Rice on March 3th, 2021

How about Spiced Hot Chocolate? Bet you could come up with something great for that. There is (or was?), a fabulous one in Portland OR chocolate shop who’s name eludes me (2 locations), dark thick, rich and spicy – demitasse size. Yum!

Spice House on March 3th, 2021

Hi Yosh,

Cocoa powder is a great secret ingredient for making chili and a natural pairing for any chile pepper. Think mole sauce and its flavor profile.

Hot cocoa mix, on the other hand, has added sugar, so it may be too sweet for any chili con carne recipes.

Marcia Little on March 3th, 2021

These sound great. Will try all. Thanks!

Yosh on March 3th, 2021

How about cocoa powder as my secret ingredient for chilli

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