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Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff
Beef Stroganoff is one of the best comfort foods. Served over buttered egg noodles...nothing is better.

Submitted by: Brenda from Girard, IL
Yield: Varies


Preparation Instructions:

Put stew meat, prime rib rub and beef broth in slow cooker (NOT CROCKPOT), set on middle heat and cook all day (6-8 hours).

Drain broth off meat into measuring cup. Heat soup + 1/2 can (fill soup can half full) of drained broth in a sauté pan. Combine meat with soup mixture and return to slow cooker. Reduce heat on slow cooker to just keep warm.

Bring to a boil remaining broth plus enough water to cook noodles (just enough). Put noodles in boiling liquid. Cook for 3 minutes, stirring to make sure all noodles soften. Put lid on pan and turn heat off. Let noodles sit for 10-15 minutes to finish cooking.

Serve meat over noodles and garnish with sour cream to taste.

More About This Recipe

Can substitute Quebec seasoning



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