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Cranberry Apple Stuffing

Cranberry Apple Stuffing

I have never been fond of Thanksgiving stuffing. In my quest to find a stuffing free of organ meats and strong flavors, I found one that used two harvest standards: cranberries and apples.

Submitted by: Laura from Kenosha, WI
Yield: One medium turkey and a casserole


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Preparation Instructions:

In a sauce pan, par boil the cranberries until they begin popping. Don't worry if they don't all pop, the point is to have the rest of them pop inside the turkey or the casserole dish while cooking.

In a large pot, prepare the stuffing according to package instructions, but using the can of chicken broth. Add spices/herbs and mix well, tasting occasionally to suit your needs. Mix in apples and celery and drained cranberries. Stuff Bird.

Take the remainder of the stuffing and put into a quart casserole dish. Bake at the end of the turkey cooking time, for about 20-minutes-to one-half hour covered, and adding approximately another half cup to one cup of chicken broth, to suit your personal preference. (The object is to prevent the stuffing that is not in the bird from becoming too dry or too soggy).

More About This Recipe

The amounts listed for the spices can be adjusted to individual preference and quantity of stuffing. It is a suggested guideline only.



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