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Nutmeg, Ground
Nutmeg, Ground
Nutmeg, Ground
Nutmeg, Ground
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Ground Nutmeg

Dive into the aromatic joy of Ground Nutmeg, a spice that has graced the kitchens of chefs, bakers, and culinary enthusiasts for centuries. Originating from the fragrant nutmeg trees of the Spice Islands, this rich and robust spice introduces a world of warmth, sweetness, and subtle spice to every dish.

Nutmeg was once so rare and valuable the Dutch traded Manhattan to the British for the sole island on which it grew. It has a fragrant and intense flavor when freshly ground. Today, our Ground Nutmeg is used in baked goods and custards, and grated for mashed potatoes, ravioli fillings, and egg nog. Also available in Whole Nutmeg. Visit our blog to learn nutmeg's history and browse new recipes.

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Until just a few centuries ago, all the world’s nutmeg grew on just a few tiny islands in Indonesia. European colonial powers fought bitterly over control of these islands, as nutmeg was highly valued for its flavor, preservative qualities, and alleged ability to cure plague. The Dutch held a monopoly on nutmeg production for many years, but when it was broken nutmeg trees spread to the West Indies and beyond; this fresh, high-oil ground nutmeg comes from Indonesia. 

The magic of Ground Nutmeg is woven intricately into its multifaceted flavor profile. With a scent reminiscent of fresh hay and a taste that dances between sweet and warmly spicy, it's the secret behind the comforting aroma of pies, puddings, and lattes. But its prowess isn't confined to sweet endeavors alone. Ground Nutmeg shines equally in savory dishes, adding depth to sauces, soups, and meat preparations. Its fine texture ensures it melds seamlessly, making every bite a celebration of balanced and bold flavors.

Sourced from the best nutmeg suppliers, each nut is selected for its quality and aroma, then ground to perfection to retain its full-bodied flavor. Our commitment to quality ensures that what reaches your pantry is devoid of any artificial additives or fillers, offering you the genuine, unadulterated essence of nutmeg in its finest form.

Ground Nutmeg Key Features:

  • Authentic Taste: Sourced from traditional nutmeg-growing regions to ensure genuine, robust flavor.

  • Versatile Culinary Star: Elevates both sweet desserts and savory dishes, making it a kitchen essential.

  • Historical Gem: Carries with it a rich legacy from ancient spice trades to modern-day kitchens.

  • Finely Ground: Offers a smooth and consistent texture, perfect for a range of culinary applications.

With Ground Nutmeg in your culinary arsenal, you're equipped with a spice that transcends time and tradition. Whether you're crafting a holiday dessert, spicing up a latte, or adding a twist to a savory dish, let this spice whisk you away on a journey of flavor, history, and pure delight.

Nutmeg is used in sweet baking, especially in pumpkin pie and spice cakes, and it’s also a common ingredient in Northern European sausage and stew recipes. In the South, a pinch of nutmeg is crucial to macaroni and cheese and stewed greens. Indonesian and Japanese curries frequently use nutmeg for a subtle sweetness, and Caribbean cooking adds nutmeg to greens, oxtail stew, and as a garnish for several rum-based drinks. Ingredients: Nutmeg.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Sharon A.

Great sweet spice for baking. All your spices are top quality.

Dustylee G.

Excellent spice!

Michele R.

I like the smell and it really adds flavor to baking, smoothies.

Fresh spices make such a difference!

Once I compared a pack of parsley from the spice house to what I had in the cabinet..much greener, tastier and aromatic. So, I bought all new and started dating with a sharpie. I regularly rotate at primary and second homes. The Essentials of 24 or so are a nit compared to what we pay for groceries. I use the rubs too. Easy to order and rotate spices😋

Fresh Baking Time

After my old nutmeg, it was a pleasure to smell the new jar.

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