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Creamy Blue Cheese Stuffed Shrimp

Creamy Blue Cheese Stuffed Shrimp
Holiday Cheese Ball? Double the cheese stuffing mixture, mix in 1/2 cup grated sharp white cheddar and 2 TBS softened unsalted butter to the base stuffing ingredients, chill and shape on a serving dish. Grate Parmesan cheese using a very fine grater and cover your cheese ball. Serve with crackers and veggie sticks.

Submitted by: Susan from Mesa, Arizona


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Preparation Instructions:

Prepare a steamer pot and basket with about 1 cup water. Lay several shrimp in the steamer basket, sprinkle generously with The Spice House Salmon Seasoning. Repeat with remaining shrimp and Salmon Seasoning. Cover pot and steam for 3 minutes.

Using tongs, redistribute the shrimp so that the others can cook evenly. Steam for an additional 3 minutes. Remove the steamer basket from the pot and dump all the shrimp into the simmering water. Stir the shrimp in the water for 1 minute or until no longer pink. Remove the shrimp with tongs to a platter. Cover with plastic wrap and chill. (Note: save the water and your shrimp shells! Reducing the water over medium heat with the shells makes a wonderful base for Shrimp Bisque, or melted with butter for lobster tail dipping!)

While the shrimp are cooling, use a hand mixer to mix the cream cheese in a medium bowl until creamy. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well on low speed. Refrigerate cheese for about an hour.

Remove shrimp from refrigerator and peel the shells, leaving the tail on. With a paring knife cut the tops of the shrimp from the head down to the tail. You need to cut deep, but not cut all the way through. Remove any grit lines. Using a butter knife, add about a teaspoon or two to each shrimp. Smooth down with the back of your knife. Cover and refrigerate until ready to eat.

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