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Cucumber salad

Cucumber salad
I used to work in a kiosk in a mall and I ate sometimes at this little italian place. They had a salad dish that I really liked. After a few adjustments, I made my own version of it. It's a favorite at family get -togethers. My sister could practically eat a gallon of it, she loves it so much! And it couldn't be simplier!

Submitted by: Jeanette from Omaha, Nebraska
Yield: 5-7


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Preparation Instructions:

Cut up vegetables into bite size chunks and place into a large bowl. Pour all of the dressing over the vegetables and mix. Can be served immediately but tastes better chilled for several hours or a day.

More About This Recipe

I usually cut the vegetables fairly small because that's what I prefer but some people may like larger chunks. You can prepare the day/night before, it won't affect the texture and improves the flavor.


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Customer Reviews

Charles P

I have been making this for many years as a summer salad. Great with grilled foods and bbq, as did my mother. Most people love it, it’s great to have younger generation “discover” it. One thing I have added to this is black olives for a twist. I am ordering the italian dressing dry spice to try. Normally I use the zesty italian jar dressing

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