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Doro Wat Spicy Chicken Stew

Doro Wat Spicy Chicken Stew
Recipe by Spice House employee Jay Mast. Serve this spicy Ethiopian stew with homemade injera bread.


Featured in this Recipe

berbere spice



Flatpack, 1/2 Cup


Preparation Instructions:

Heat oil in a deep skillet, add onion, garlic and ginger and cook on low until soft (about 20 minutes). Add Berbere blend and paprika to create a paste. Add stock and lime juice. when mixture is simmering, drop salted chicken in. Make sure meat is at least 3/4 covered with liquid. If it is not, add more stock. Cook until meat is totally done (160°F), about 40 min. If sauce is too thin, add 1 tsp flour until thicker. Throw in the hard boiled eggs and serve hot with injera bread or over rice.