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Stuffed & Grilled Figs

Stuffed & Grilled Figs
Try this recipe the next time you need something simple and sophisticated to serve before dinner. Herbes de Provence whipped into goat cheese makes the perfect filling before hitting the grill. You could also finish this recipe with balsamic vinegar instead of honey.

Submitted by: Geoff from Chicago, Illinois
Yield: 8 figs


Preparation Instructions:

Mix goat cheese and Herbes de Provence together. Place cheese into a pastry bag or plastic zip bag with a corner cut off.

Remove stems from figs and slice an “X” from the top down, about 1/2 of the way down the fruit.

Pipe herbed cheese into figs until stuffed.

Grill the figs over direct/high heat with cheese side up until they are nicely charred on the bottom and the cheese is melted or softened.

You may wish to move them to the cooler side of the grill and close the lid to melt the cheese more.

Plate figs, drizzle with honey, and finish with sea salt to taste.

More About This Recipe

You can get creative with the filling by adding toasted nuts, fried prosciutto, or pomegranate seeds.


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Customer Reviews

Gail Miller

I enjoyed your recipe. A easy yet sophisticated.

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