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Jamaican Jerk Pulled Pork

Jamaican Jerk Pulled Pork
This is incredibly simple It’s also a recipe that handles modifications easily. So, feel free to be creative. Just put some pork in your crock-pot. It can be a roast with or without bone, ribs, or chops. Recipe by Mike Kutka.


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Preparation Instructions:

Turn on your crock-pot and follow the timetable provided in your instructions. Most crock-pot cooking times are around 8-10 hours at low heat or 4-5 hours on high. If you have the time, I believe the low heat produces a better result.

Stir spices and lime juice together and let sit for about 5 minutes. (You may need to add a little extra liquid. Try using white wine, soy sauce, or plain water.) Rub pork with spices and add it to the slow cooker. Cook pork as per your machine's instructions.

One problem with crock-pot cooking is the large amount of liquid that builds up. If you leave it, you end up with a soupy finish. I like to lift out the meat, pour the liquid in a kettle, boil a little more than three quarters of the liquid away and add it back to the meat. When the pork is cooked, all you have to do is shred it and dig out the bones if needed. A couple of regular forks work well for shredding the meat.

Well cooked meat usually just falls apart with minimal effort. Measure out your spices and lime juice into a bowl. Add enough water or white wine to cover the spices. You may need to add a bit more liquid after initial the absorption.

More About This Recipe

The only things to consider are that if you use a cut with bones, you’ll have to fish them out later, a little difficult when things are hot. Still, I feel cuts that include bones result in a more tender and flavorful meat and are worth a little extra effort. A leaner cut like tenderloin, while healthier, will produce a drier final product. You may need to add a bit of olive oil after cooking.



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