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Rainbow Rice Crispy Treats

Rainbow Rice Crispy Treats
Rice Crispy treats aren't just for kids, although they are the simplest of desserts. I like to add a touch of almond extract and a little bit of fruity pebbles in my recipe. This is one of my favorite combinations.

Submitted by: Jennifer from Chicago, IL
Yield: one 8X8 pan


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Preparation Instructions:

The whole process, including clean-up takes about ten minutes. Put the marshmallows and margarine/butter into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for two minutes, stirring after the first minute.

While the marshmallows are melting, measure out the six cups of cereal, cover your pan with aluminum foil and spray it with pan spray.

When the marshmallows are melted, add the extracts and stir well. Add in the cereal and coat it all well. Work quickly, as the marshmallows get sticky as they cool. Transfer it to the greased pan and spread out.

They keep best in the fridge or freezer. Try not to eat the whole pan yourself!


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Customer Reviews

tina c

40 regular marshmallows = 10 oz. = 4 cups mini marshmallows = 7 oz. jar

lani c

when i make rice crispy treats i use;
3 cups of rice crispy treats
2 bags of mini marshmellows
3 t. of butter
2 tsp. of vanilla
1/2 cup of peanut butter.

mix the butter,marshmellows, vanilla, and peanut butter in a bowl. (be sure to watch, the marshmellows can get very big.)
mix them together until all blended.
when it is starting to get a little hard to stir add you rice crispy treats. i like to eat them while they are warm still. yummy. :D

Rishakia M

This recipe was just fine, normal rice crispy treats but I don’t think anyone is going to want to count out all the marshmellows. Could you put up how many cups it is for the little ones?

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