Quebec Beef Spice

This traditional coarse-ground French-Canadian steak seasoning mixture is great on pork or beef roast, releasing flavor slowly during roasting. The simple mix of salt and pepper, enhanced by garlic and a bit of cracked coriander, is perfect for bringing out the flavor of a good cut of meat.


Quebec Beef Spice is one of our best blends for beef or pork. but pairs well with chicken or turkey too. Use Quebec beef spice to coat prime rib roast. This blend closely resembles another spice blend commonly known as Montreal Seasoning.
One of our favorite grilling dishes is New York strip steaks marinated in red wine with a heavy coating of Quebec Beef Spice. Just soak the steaks for half an hour before grilling...delicious!
Hand mixed from: coarse salt, cracked black Tellicherry pepper, sugar, minced garlic, white pepper, and cracked coriander seed. These simple flavors are simply gratifying. Sodium content: 795.25 mg per teaspoon; 23.60% sodium

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