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Barbecue Brisket of Love

Barbecue Brisket of Love
Brisket, spices, smoker, and patience. That is all you need to create incredibly tender and tasty barbecue beef brisket.

Yield: 2 servings per pound of meat.


Preparation Instructions:

Coat beef brisket with olive oil and 1 tablespoon of spice mixture per pound of meat.

Place in smoker or oven with the fattier side facing up.

Cook for 1.5 hours per pound at 225 degrees fahrenheit, rotate at the half-way point.

Let brisket rest for 2 minutes per pound before serving.

The brisket should be ready when its internal temperature has reached between 180 and 195 degrees fahrenheit.

Be mindful that the temperature can rise another 10 or more degrees once it is pulled out of the smoker or oven.

More About This Recipe

If smoking, apple wood chips or hickory are recommended. Keep the smoker closed unless you need to take the meat's temperature or add more coals.


Based on 2 reviews

Customer Reviews

Jeff B

Only rating it as amazing as the Brisket of Love rub is so amazing. Rubbed the 8-pound brisket on both sides one day prior to cooking and left in the fridge. No other spice or rub was used, not even salt and pepper. Then 12 hours on a smoker (fat side up) with the bourbon-infused oak planks.

BBQ sauce was offered on the table as a condiment; no one used it. Talk about “truth in advertising” by calling it Brisket of Love! Thanks Spice House! Jeff Burgess

Patrick G

Was asked to cook a brisket for our hoilday party. I agreed and decided to use brisket of love which I picked up on a recent trip to Chicago. I was a little nervous having never used this rub before. Slow cooked/smoked on my green egg for 14 hours. The results were out of this world!!! Everyone that attended asked about the and commented on how awesome it complimented the beef. GREAT rub!!!!

Pat Gross-Clearwater, Florida

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