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Chili Roasted Corn

Chili Roasted Corn
Make your own version of roasted street corn with the Spice House's Vulcan's Fire Salt.

Submitted by: Geneva from Geneva, IL
Yield: 6 ears


Preparation Instructions:

Place the corn in a large pan and fill with water to cover. Add the Morita Chipotles and the Pickling Spices to the water. Soak overnight.

Bring grill to medium-high heat. Place the corn on the grill. Roast until the husks turn black (turning as necessary) and the corn is cooked, about 15-20 minutes). Mix the Vulcan’s Fire Salt with the softened butter. Remove the husks and brush with the spicy butter. (You may wish to use heat-safe gloves or tongs for this.)

Add the peeled and buttered corn husks back to the grill until they are nicely charred. Serve with cotija cheese, shredded cilantro, and lime wedges.



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