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Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls
This exceptional cinnamon roll recipe comes to us courtesy of Chicago's The French Pastry School. If you would like to see more recipes like this, be sure to check out The Butter Book—a fun, practical and easy-to-learn courses and lessons that will make you a better baker.

This recipe is written using weighted grams. If you don't have a scale, use this helpful conversion calculator.


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Preparation Instructions:

Dough Instructions:

Scale the ingredient for day 1 precisely and bring them to room temperature, except the eggs, milk, and water.

Combine the water and milk. Calculate and adjust the temperature to the required base temperature of 54 ̊C.

Combine the flour, liquid mixture, eggs, yeast, salt, and half of the sugar in a stand mixer bowl. Mix on low speed for 3 minutes using the hook attachment.

Scrape the bowl. Mix on low speed for 3 minutes, then increase to medium speed for 5 minutes.

Add the remaining sugar and mix for 3 more minutes.

Add the butter on low speed and mix until it is fully incorporated. The final temperature of the dough should be 71-73 ̊F (21-23 ̊C).

Dust the top of the dough and remove it from the bowl. Place it on the work surface and round it into a smooth ball. Place it into a bowl, cover, and refrigerate overnight.

Cinnamon Rolling Filling and Icing Instructions:

Scale the ingredient for day 2 precisely and bring them to room temperature, except the mascarpone and sour cream.

Dust the top of the dough and place it on the work surface with the smooth side down. Dust the top again and flatten.

Now begin rolling evenly from the top to the bottom. It is important to ensure the dough is rolled to the same thickness for its entire length to prevent an uneven roll. Lightly dust the work surface or rolling pin if the dough sticks.

Roll it into a rectangle 20in (51cm) wide x 22 in (56cm) longx1/8in (3mm) thick.

Combine the brown sugar and cinnamon.

Brush the melted butter on every area of the dough. Spread the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture evenly over the dough covering it completely.

To roll the dough, make an edge from the top. Roll all the way to the bottom until it’s a cylinder.

Cut into 1 in (2.5 cm) pieces using a chef’s knife.
Place the cinnamon rolls in the baking pan lined with parchment paper or use a large muffin pan lined with muffin liners.

Ensure the spiral is always going in the same direction.

Prepare the proof box and set it between 77-80 ̊F (25-26 ̊C).

Place the rolls in the proof box for 1 hour, 30 minutes or until doubled in volume.

Once proofed, rest for 10 minutes at room temperature.

Preheat the oven to 360 ̊F (180 ̊C)

Gently egg wash the rolls. (See egg was steps below)

Baked for approximately 10 minutes. Slightly open the oven door for a full 2 seconds to allow the steam to escape.

Close the door and bake for another 4 minutes.

While the cinnamon rolls are baking, whisk the butter and salt in a bowl until smooth.

Add the sour cream, mascarpone, vanilla paste, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Whisk until creamy.

Add the confectioners’ sugar to the butter mixture in 3 additions. Whisk until well combined. Finally, add the lemon juice and whisk until smooth.

Place the pan on a cooling rack and generously spread the icing on top. Cool for 15 to 20 minutes.

Egg Wash Instructions:

Scale the ingredient precisely.

Blend the ingredient using an immersion blender until smooth.

Strain the mixture into a clean bowl. If you are not using the egg wash immediately, cover and reserve it in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

This egg wash recipe is a standard industry recipe and used for almost all applications.



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