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Creamy Veggie and Chip Dip

Creamy Veggie and Chip Dip
This is the classic Spice House Chip Dip recipe. Try adding some Cayenne to our chip dip seasoning for an extra kick, or some fresh lemon juice for even more zip!

Yield: 1 cup of dip


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Preparation Instructions:

Mix Chip Dip seasoning into sour cream with a fork or whisk.

If dip is too thick, add milk, water, or cream.

Serve with your favorite potato chip, tortilla chip, or veggie sticks.

More About This Recipe

Make more than you think you'll need. It's darn good!

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Customer Reviews


Your chip dip mix and some of your other dip mixes are also good mixed with an 8 oz block of cream cheese thinned with about an ounce of warm water.

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