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Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

Serve this Hungarian chicken paprikash with Hungarian Dumplings.

Submitted by: Shelli from Truth or Consequences, NM
Yield: 4-6 people


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Preparation Instructions:

Saute onion until tender- add seasoning and chicken, saute 10-20 min browning both sides of chicken. Add water, cover and simmer until chicken is tender. (about 45 min)

Take out chicken of sauce.
Mix sour cream and 1/4 C water. Add flour and stir until no lumps.
Add to heated sauce stirring constantly until thick.
Add chicken and Hungarian dumplings. Heat through.

More About This Recipe

You can make this without the tomatoes. Sometimes you may need to add more water and more Hungarian Paprika to the sauce. You need to make the Hungarian Dumplings to go with this.


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Customer Reviews


My Uncle Joey From Jersey Doesn’t use Green Peppers or tomatoes….Just a lotta mozzzerelllll……and its fantastic….Woahhh

Julia S

My Hungarian grandmothers and aunts from the Budapest region never used green peppers or tomatoes in their chicken paprikash but this is still a very close, and delicious, recipe. I enjoyed it very much.

Matt G

Both my mother & father are from Hungary & came over during the Russian/Hungarian revolution. Many authentic Hungarian dishes were our commonplace. Green peppers & tomatoes are a significant ingredient & a must in this recipe. I also use a 5 peppercorn blended pepper & no water but chicken stock. In the past years my mother has past & with her went her recipe. I also use potato-based Gnocchi for the noodles. While there were very fine tweaks she did I will never know. This has been the closest with a 95% like-taste. It brings back memories & has returned something I felt was lost for good.

Libby M

My grandmother, from Hungary, would never put peppers or tomatoes into her paprikash. I only use chicken breast when I make this wonderful dish.

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