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Potato Satay

Potato Satay

This recipe is courtesy of John Thorne and Matt Lewis, two people we have the utmost respect for. People serious about, and dedicated to, food. Visit them online at Outlaw Cook.

Submitted by: John Thorne and Matt Lewis from Northhampton, MA
Yield: n/a


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Preparation Instructions:

Gently peel the potatoes and cut them into bite-sized cubes. Toast the coriander and the peppercorns in a hot, ungreased skillet until coriander seeds start to turn color. Pour them into a mortar or food processor bowl and process them into a powder. Mix this thoroughly with the other ingredients in the bowl. Stir in the potatoes and let everything marinate at room temperature for an hour or so. Then push the pieces gently onto thin skewers and grill until each side has lightly browned. (Don’t let them burn.) Serve with any peanut sauce.

More About This Recipe

Potatoes aren’t especially popular in Southeast Asia, but they do take well to that area’s flavoring and are simply delicious dipped in peanut sauce. Yellow-fleshed potatoes (like Yukon Gold) are ideal for this recipe. Calculate at least one large potato per person when this satay is the main course, half that when serving it with a meat satay.



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