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Sweet & Savory Sweet Potato Seasoning

Sweet & Savory Sweet Potato Seasoning
I love sweet potatos, but I don't like they way most people sweeten them even more. This is a little sweet and a little savory. I tasted something like this at a restaurant and by trial and error came up with my own version.

Submitted by: Lois from West Allis, WI
Yield: Depends on usage

Preparation Instructions:

Place all ingredients in a glass spice jar with a shaker lid.
Shake until well combined.
Shelf stable.
Use on baked sweet potatos, fries, chips.
Can be used in a sweet potato casserole, only skip the marshmallows.

More About This Recipe

Great on baked squashs, such as acorn, butternut, carnival. etc.. Use your imagination

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Customer Reviews

The Spice House

@ Sandie, thank you for your question. Cake Spice is a popular European and British spice mix for pastries and puddings.

Our Apple Pie Spice was formerly called cake spice. This is the blend you’ll want to use for this recipe.


What is cake spice?

I’ve been cooking for years & years and have never heard of it. Can’t make something if you don’t know the ingredients.

Brenda D

I received a few of your spices for my birthday. Included was the cake spice. I wasn’t sure just exactly what all to use it in and was told to check out your website because you gave recipe ideas. I ran across your recipe for the sweet potatoes. Oh my goodness I’m glad I did. We make baked sweet potato wedges all of the time now.

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