Thyme, French Select

French Select Thyme has a fresh, smooth aroma and lovely deep green color, and is a nice herb for everyday cooking. With a softer leaf and sweeter flavor than our Mediterranean thyme, this product comes highly recommended by Spice House staff.


Thyme is particularly useful in heavy dishes and is great added to stews, soups, clam chowder, fish, hearty sauces, gumbos, stuffing, roast chicken or pork, and many vegetable dishes. Thyme is one of the essential ingredients in Bouquet Garni.
We offer this special French thyme spice because one crop year we found ourselves unhappy with the quality of our standard Mediterranean thyme. We looked for another source and found this really nice harvest from France. Once our standard thyme came back up to its higher quality level, we decided to keep this really great Select Thyme as an option for our customers.
Please see our new Organic Thyme.

Recipes featuring this spice

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