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Almond Extract Substitute

Almonds in a bowl

Almond extract is used in a lot of dessert recipes, especially around the holiday season, along with beverages and baked goods. We love using almond extract in Swedish pound cake, Mexican hot chocolate, and five spice cookies. If you’re looking to make a delicious recipe this holiday season with almond extract, but don’t have any on hand, be sure to check out our recipes here.


Substitutes for Almond Extract

Although almond extract provides a unique flavor that is difficult to recreate, there are many substitutes you can use that will only slightly alter the flavor of your dish. Vanilla extract is the closest substitute listed here, and is least likely to change the flavor outcome of your dish.

Common Almond Extract Substitution Questions

Can I leave Almond Extract Out of a Recipe?

Yes! If you don’t have almond extract, you can either use vanilla extract or one of the substitutes above, but if you’re missing all of the substitutes here, just leave the extract out completely. While the absence will change the flavor of the recipe slightly, you’ll still get good results.

Almond Extract Recipe

If you’d rather make your own almond extract for your baked goods, you’re in luck! Almond extract is very easy to make and only requires two ingredients. Using ½ cup of slivered almonds for every 8 ounces of good vodka, combine the ingredients into a jar. Place the jar in a cool dark place and let it sit for 6 weeks. Shake the mixture every 3-5 days for the entire 6 week period. After the 6 weeks, strain and use the alcohol as almond extract. This extract stays good for several years!



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