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Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Some time ago a local chocolatier closed, leaving me pining for their amazing Mexican hot chocolate. I am delighted to have finally managed to duplicate it in my own kitchen! This is very different than most recipes I’ve seen for Mexican hot chocolate, which typically use cocoa, cinnamon and cayennne. However, I've found cayenne overwhelms the other flavors. The milder ancho adds a warm spicy hint without overpowering the other flavors or burning your mouth - or if you prefer you can leave the ancho out too, which is my favorite.

Submitted by: Joanna from Nashua, NH
Yield: individual or serves 4


Preparation Instructions:

Heat the milk until a skin forms on top. While the milk is heating, mix together the cocoa, sugar, vanilla powder, and cinnamon (and ancho, if using). Skim the solids off of the milk and stir in the cocoa mix. Add the almond extract and stir.

Helpful Hints

You can use vanilla extract instead of powder if you like. I like the vanilla powder because it lets me mix up a batch of the dry ingredients in bulk and then I can just add a few spoonfuls and a dash of almond extract for a quick mug of this any old time. Don’t skip mixing the dry ingredients first, you’ll have a hard time stirring in the cinnamon and cocoa otherwise.


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