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The Spice House
Chiles, Ancho Ground
Chiles, Ancho Ground
Chiles, Ancho Ground
Chiles, Ancho Ground
Chiles, Ancho Ground
Chiles, Ancho Ground
Chiles, Ancho Ground
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Ancho Chile Powder

Hot & Spicy
Made in Small Batches

Ancho chile powder is made from sweet and earthy chilies, that are mildly hot. The chilies are native to Puebla, Mexico. Along with chocolate, these chiles form the base of a popular mole. In Mexico, there are three peppers that change names when changing state: smoked jalapeños are chipotles, dried chilacas are pasillas, and dried poblanos are anchos. Also available in whole.

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The Spice House


Like a fine wine, ancho chiles vary in flavor from season to season. You may notice our pure ground ancho chiles will differ slightly in color, heat, and flavor from lot to lot. Ground ancho chile is made from the mild outer flesh of the dried poblano chile pepper. Your palate will enjoy an intense, wonderfully rich chili flavor with little to no heat. These peppers measure in around 500 Scoville heat units. This maroon ancho chile pepper powder is a great base for Mexican dishes, homemade chili, sauces and meat rubs. Ground ancho chile powder is what gives all of our chili powders their rich, bittersweet base of flavors. (Chili, spelled with an “i” refers to an actual blend of spices for the popular Tex-Mex dish chili con carne.) The rich flavor of ground ancho also pairs well with chocolate; adding a bit to brownies, cakes, or hot cocoa enhances the chocolate flavor without adding heat. Ingredients: Ancho chiles.

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Taste Notes
sweet, earthy, rich
Perfect For
mole, chili con carne

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Chiles, Ancho Ground

Ancho Chile Powder


Ground Chipotle Chiles

guajillo chile powder

Ground Guajillo Chiles

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Ancho chiles - ground

Great quality, affordable and I love the flat paks..easy to use and store. The chile can't be compared to the store/commercial retail brands that seem less potent and stale.

Gina W.
Ground Ancho Chiles

Ground Ancho Chiles are a great base for my mix with other spices to custom make chili powder at home.

Kathi A.
Ancho Chile powder

This is the best chili: good deep flavor, but NOT blazing-hot! Let folks add some hot-sauce if they like, but make it flavorful and mild for ordinary mortals! Spice House has the best, reliable Ancho Chili.


Delicious flavorful chiles, love the deep flavor

Betty D.

AWESOME, great flavor

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