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Paprika vs. Smoked Paprika Comparison

Paprika vs. Smoked Paprika Comparison

What is the difference between paprika vs. smoked paprika?

The main difference between paprika and smoked paprika comes from their flavor profile and where they are grown, giving each variety distinct qualities. Both paprika types are known for their strong color and flavor profiles. The smokiness is achieved by curing the peppers over smoking oak logs. Our sweet paprika is grown in the Kalocsa region of Hungary whereas our smoked varieties are grown in Spain. Spain has three grades of paprika; sweet/mild (pimentón dulce), medium heat (pimentón agridulce), and hot (pimentón picante). We offer both Spanish smoked sweet (dulce) paprika and smoked hot (picante) paprika.


What are good recipes for paprika?

We have a fantastic traditional Hungarian Gulyásleves (Gulyás Soup) recipe that uses paprika. The word, "paprika," is actually Hungarian for pepper. Some crowd pleasers include chicken paprikash and cabbage rolls.


What are good recipes for smoked paprika?

For smoked paprika, we recommend our traditional spanish rice recipe or stroganoff recipe. Another dish where smoked paprika is the star is our creamy cauliflower soup which is finished with smoked spanish hot paprika.


Where can I learn more about paprika?

Paprika is a fascinating spice in the annuum species with many different flavors from smokey and earthy to fiery and sweet. We have an in-depth article called “what is paprika?” if you want to learn more.


Where to buy paprika online

As mentioned before, The Spice House carries many varieties of paprika online including Hungarian sweet and smoked Spanish varieties.



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