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Paprika vs. Chili Powder Comparison

Paprika in a wooden spoon

What is the difference between paprika vs. chili powder?

The main difference between paprika and chili powder is paprika is a singular chile while chili powder is often a combination of chiles as well as other ingredients such as cumin and garlic powder.
The Spice House has some in-depth spotlight articles on both paprika and chili powder if you want to learn more about the origins, varieties and recipes for these spices.

What are good recipes for chili powder?

Chili powder is found in many southwest dishes but is found in almost all chili recipes. We have some fantastic crowd-pleasing chili recipes including “Mike’s Dark Side Chili Recipe” and this “Nine-Spice Chili.” Let us know in the comments if you try either of these!

Where can I learn more about chili powder?

To learn more about chili powder check out this spice spotlight article that walks through the sometimes confusing nomenclature as well as some of our favorite chili recipes and an interview with expert Warren Fowler.

Where to buy chili powder online

The Spice House carries mild, medium and hot varieties of chili powder - all available online!



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