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Classic Summer Coleslaw

Classic Summer Coleslaw
This is classic coleslaw perfect for well-spiced barbecue like pork ribs and beef brisket. The secret ingredient for this recipe is Kosher dill pickle brine. Look for Claussen brand if you can find it at your local grocery store. You can add extra kick to the recipe with some optional Cajun Seasoning or by adding pureed Chipotle Chiles.

Yield: 4-6 servings


Preparation Instructions:

Whisk together mayonnaise, sugar, salt, pickle juice, and spices.

Let the dressing sit for a few minutes or even overnight. Taste dressing and adjust salt to your liking.

Toss coleslaw with onions and any other choice vegetables in the dressing and serve.

Helpful Hints

This coleslaw gets better the longer it sits. If you don't have pickle juice use white vinegar or lemon juice. You can add more vegetables to this recipe if you like—thinly sliced radishes, red bell pepper, and celery all make for good slaw.