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Fruit Pomanders

Fruit Pomanders
We made these for holiday craft projects in grade school. They also doubled as inexpensive handmade gifts.

Submitted by: Lisa from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Preparation Instructions:

Mix all ground spices in shallow dish and set aside. Stud fruit with whole cloves spacing about 1/4" apart. Roll fruit in spice mix.

Helpful Hints

Using a knitting needle, skewer, or other sharp narrow object to poke holes in the fruit before inserting cloves will make this much easier. Tie a festive ribbon around the fruit and hang as a holiday decoration. This will last for years and can be used in closets to ward off moths.

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Customer Reviews

Ellen C

just have a question – how come the fruit doesn’t rot? it must shrivel up. want to try it though. i’ve always wanted to make a pomander. tks for the recipe, Ellen

Sandy S

I made this with my daughter when she was little. Now I would like to make it with my granddaughter. Where do I get the Orris Root Powder since it is not on your list?

The Spice House

The fruit doesn’t rot (or shouldn’t; success rate for my pomander balls is around 80%) because the spices are a preservative.

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