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Fruit Pomanders

Fruit Pomanders

We made these for holiday craft projects in grade school. They also doubled as inexpensive handmade gifts. You can try any fruit for this project, but citrus fruits tend to work the best.

Adorn your dinner table with these festive and fragrant decorations. Pomander is an anglicized version of the French "pomme d'ambre," meaning amber apple; a decorative ball that held perfumes and incense.

Submitted by: Lisa from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Preparation Instructions:

Mix all ground spices in shallow dish and set aside. Stud fruit with whole cloves spacing about 1/4" apart. Roll fruit in spice mix.

Helpful Hints

Using a knitting needle, skewer, or other sharp narrow object to poke holes in the fruit before inserting cloves will make this much easier. Tie a festive ribbon around the fruit and hang as a holiday decoration. This will last for years and can be used in closets to ward off moths.

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Customer Reviews

Pam Marks

Why not sell a pomander bundle for diy crafters this holiday? You could add orris root to that. Easy gift idea. We just buy fruit; good to gift or make.

Ellen C

just have a question – how come the fruit doesn’t rot? it must shrivel up. want to try it though. i’ve always wanted to make a pomander. tks for the recipe, Ellen

Sandy S

I made this with my daughter when she was little. Now I would like to make it with my granddaughter. Where do I get the Orris Root Powder since it is not on your list?

The Spice House

The fruit doesn’t rot (or shouldn’t; success rate for my pomander balls is around 80%) because the spices are a preservative.


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