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Tellicherry Pepper, Cracked

This 'black gold' was treasured by the Ancient Egyptians. Today, it has made its way into nearly every kitchen everywhere. To maximize their rich fruitiness, these extra-large berries are left to ripen longer on the vine. Our cracked pepper is great on pan-seared or grilled steaks. Also available in Fine Ground, Coarse Ground, or Whole Tellicherry Peppercorns.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


We grind only the finest Tellicherry Pepper frequently and in small batches to guarantee that you will not find a better, fresher pepper than ours here at The Spice House. These medium cracked pieces add just the right crunch and peppery bite to homemade sausage. They also make a good bread topping, a coarse meat rub or brine, or as a crust for meats you’re grilling or roasting. Cracked Grind pepper is also known as 10/16 grind. Ingredients: Tellicherry peppercorns.



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