Healthy Spiced Popcorn

My whole family fell in love with this popcorn treat, but we had to learn to eat the popcorn with chop sticks so the spices didn't get under our nails.

Once you try popcorn this way, you will never want the chemical tasting microwave popcorn again!

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Healthy Spiced Popcorn Recipe

Preparation Instructions

After popping your popcorn, lightly drizzle olive oil over the popcorn.

Then, shake on your favorite spice house spices and mix. I use my largest tupperware bowl with a cover, so I can shake the container to get the spices all over the popcorn, rather than wasting any flavor on the bottom of the bowl!

I always start with Chili Con Carne. Then, add dill weed, and top it off with a hit of sunny spain or sea salt, depending on your mood.

Yield: Your choice
Helpful Hints

I have also been know to mix it up with these options:
Sunny Singapore
Sweet California Basil
Onion Powder
Yellow Mustard
Salad Elegance

For a real it off with a little Cayenne Pepper.

With The Spice House at our finger tips, the possiblities are endless!


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