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Pasta with Zucchini and Pesto

This zucchini pesto pasta recipe comes to us from the authors of several fascinating books on food philosophy, John Thorne and Matt Lewis Thorne. You can subscribe to their bimonthly...
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Grandma's Chili

This is my grandma's chili recipe. It's not hot, but very tasty. I've even served it to people who said they didn't like chili, but they all liked this dish....
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Eastbay BBQ Brisket

I love BBQ brisquet, and I made this process up. You will need to plan ahead, as this takes a long time to marinate, but the amount of work is...
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Slow Cooked Italian Beef for Sandwiches

This is a modified recipe to make use of the superior spices that the Spice House has to offer. It has become a family favorite.
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Deviled Eggs

This is my own recipe, "fine-tuned" over the years. I added the chives and green onion flakes when I started buying my spices from The Spice House several years ago,...
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Cal's Creamy Mushrooms

A clasic recipe that is simple and universally liked. The recipe can be adjusted to each cook's individual tastes.
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Chili Pasta with Tandoori Sauce

There are so many wonderful fresh and dried pastas available that it's hardly worth the effort to make them. Any combination of shapes and flavors will work in this fusion...
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Vegetarian Split Pea Soup

Although often made with a ham bone, our version of split pea soup is so hearty and heart healthy you won't miss the meat. Serve with thick slices of rustic...
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Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo

There are as many Gumbo recipes as there are cooks on the Gulf Coast. Our recipe is original, and has everything in it except the kitchen sink. You will discover...
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French Herbed Chicken

Simple but very tasty.
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Black Bean Chili

This is a favorite of family and friends. I use a few different versions of this recipe, depending on who I am serving it to. I personally enjoy it with...
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Pepper Cookies

I found this recipe ages ago in a newspaper and have had fun with it over the years. No one can guess the "secret" ingredient.
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Chocolate Mint Brownies

This recipe was originally in a cookbook from Star Valley Wyoming in the 1970's and I converted it to suit my own tastes. I used to take these brownies to...
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Port-braised Short Ribs with Ginger and Star Anise

This is a fabulous recipe from Sunset Magazine, with a few changes of my own. I've made these ribs several times for company and have always been asked for the...
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Hermit Cookies

I'm from New York City, so the only kind of hermit I knew was a reclusive woman to whom we brought food, books and other things when I was a...
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