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Burriquitas (Mini Burritos)

As you may know, Burrito means Little Donkey. Since these are very small, or tiny burritos, I named them Burriquitas.

They are perfect for parties, watching the big game on...

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Edamame with Spicy Peppercorn Salt

Edamame makes a healthy low-calorie snack that's filling and delicious. The buttery taste of edamame is decadent. It's low in fat and high in flavor.
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Toasted Pita Triangles

This recipe is so simple and tasty, you'll make it all the time! I do. It's much healthier than potato chips or tortilla chips, and it goes great with any...
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Chicken and Grape Pasta Salad

My mother passed this recipe for pasta chicken salad on to me. It's a cold salad that's perfect for summer gatherings. It's also an excellent use of leftover chicken and...
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Wisconsin Cheese Soup

This recipe is for one of your employees, and my daughter Jodie Parks. This was always her favorite soup when I worked at the Feed Store in Springfield IL.
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Pasta Toss

I make this to cut down on several steps for simple pasta dishes. I've done it with all kinds of meat and veggies tossed in. Use whatever you feel like....
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Cincinnati-Style Chili

I first tried this dish in Chicago many years ago at a Cincy Chili franchise. Although it never really caught on here, I was hooked. After finding a recipe for...
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Easy Cheese Popcorn

I use the cheddar cheese powder on my air-popped popcorn to save on calories. Also, I've found the butter flavored pan sprays help it to stick to the popcorn--again less...
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Eve's Spice Cake

This has been a family favorite since 1950. My grandmother gave me the recipe, when I married and moved to Illinois from Germany...
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Artichoke and Olive Pasta Salad

When I needed to prepare a salad to accommodate unexpected guests one afternoon, this artichoke and olive pasta salad recipe came about. I made it from some of my favorite...
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Fruit Pomanders

We made these for holiday craft projects in grade school. They also doubled as inexpensive handmade gifts.
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Pickled Beets Recipe

My mom has always made these pickled beets every summer and I have carried on the tradition with my family. You can keep them in the refrigerator and add more...
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Rich Cardamom Cookies

I recently baked this cardamom cookie recipe for a potluck and the guests raved about them because they are unusual and delicious.
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Peppery Ginger Cookies

Also known as pfefferneusse cookies, these spicy bites are adored in Scandinavia during the holidays. Try them with tea or a warm mug of hot cocoa.
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Curry and Cardamom Cookies

Crisp, sweet, and a unique flavor of cardamom and curry powder.
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