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Orange Blossom Water

Because it pairs beautifully with vanilla, honey, saffron, and fruit, you will find recipes for baked goods and bread loaves made with orange flower water everywhere around the Mediterranean. With just a few drops of it, you can transport yourself to Seville, Tunis, Palermo, Tel Aviv, or Beirut.

The Spice House
The Spice House


The springtime air in the Mediterranean is perfumed by the blossoming orange trees, and so is the cuisine. Young orange blossoms are distilled into flower water, which is used in many dessert recipes and to enhance plain orange slices themselves. Add a few drops to chilled hibiscus water for a refreshing Egyptian tea. Try infusing vanilla cake frosting or sugar cookie icing with orange blossoms’ seductively sweet, floral accents. Vanilla and orange blossom make great friends, especially in a citrusy creme brûlée. The Spice House's orange flower water is made with orange oil, and is stronger that traditional orange flower water. We recommend using half the amount called for in recipes. Ingredients: orange flower water.


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