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The Spice House
Water, Rose
Water, Rose
Water, Rose

Rose Water

Having learned from the Persians how to extract essential oils from rose petals for culinary and medicinal purposes, the Greeks and Romans planted rose gardens just as they did croplands. Today, this fragrant, delicate rose water is added to sweets and desserts throughout the Middle East.

The Spice House


Once used in Victorian icing recipes, rosewater is now a common ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine. However its limits are not confined to that region, for it is seeing a rise in popularity because of its many uses. It is being included in both sweet and savory recipes, from being a staple to make rose harissa to being added to whipped cream for fruit desserts. Try it also when making rice or use it to make your own innovative cocktail. Ingredients: Ingredients: rose water.

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Water, Rose

Rose Water

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