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Ultra-Blue Premium Lavender Flower Buds

We source Ultra-Blue Lavender Buds from a small farm in Oregon, and they're only obtainable once a year. Exceptionally bright and sweet, use them to make simple syrup for marshmallows or steep them in milk for custard.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


The exceptional sweetness and vibrant color of these Ultra-Blue Lavender Buds lends itself especially well to pastries, desserts, and craft cocktails when you want lavender to be the dominant flavor. However, don't let that stop you from making rack of lamb or fish en papillote. Lavender is in the same botanic family as rosemary, and has a similar herbal, piney flavor. Native to the Mediterranean region, lavender has been cultivated since antiquity. Although it is widely grown in southern France, only recently has it gained popularity there as a culinary herb. In baking, a small amount of lavender lends a clean, floral flavor that pairs particularly well with vanilla and chocolate. Lavender simple syrup is used to flavor frosting and marshmallows, or steep lavender blossoms in milk when making custard or mousse. For savory cooking, try replacing rosemary in a recipe with these edible lavender buds for a floral twist. Ingredients: Lavender buds. 


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