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Lavender-Shallot Vinaigrette

Lavender-Shallot Vinaigrette
Lavender's flavor lends well to both savory and sweet recipes. Try this dressing next time you make nicoise salad.

Submitted by: Rick from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Yield: Roughly 1 cup


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Preparation Instructions:

In the cup of a food processor or blender, place the vinegar, shallots and lemon. Let sit about 5 minutes, until hydrated. Puree.

While still running, add the sugar, lavender, salt, mustard, and white pepper. Slowly pour in olive oil.

Transfer to a jar and shake in the thyme leaves.

More About This Recipe

Will keep in the refrigerator for a month.


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Customer Reviews

Spice House

Hi Sunny,

You can simply use fresh shallots or red onion instead of freeze dried shallots.

Sunny Drohan

What to use if don’t have freeze dried shallots?

Linda Acevedo

Sounds great 👍 will be trying the vinaigrette for the next salad I have.

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