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Lavender-Shallot Vinaigrette

Lavender-Shallot Vinaigrette
Lavender's flavor lends well to both savory and sweet recipes. Try this dressing next time you make nicoise salad.

Submitted by: Rick from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Yield: Roughly 1 cup


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Preparation Instructions:

In the cup of a food processor or blender, place the vinegar, shallots and lemon. Let sit about 5 minutes, until hydrated. Puree.

While still running, add the sugar, lavender, salt, mustard, and white pepper. Slowly pour in olive oil.

Transfer to a jar and shake in the thyme leaves.

Helpful Hints

Will keep in the refrigerator for a month.

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Customer Reviews

Linda Acevedo

Sounds great 👍 will be trying the vinaigrette for the next salad I have.

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